blue jeans & roses
poetry & photography for healing
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About Us

Cancer and terminal illness stink!  Everyone's life has been touched by cancer.  So often, when we have a friend or loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, long term and/or a terminal illness, we don't know what to say or do.  Instead of pushing through our feelings we step away.  We, at 'blue jeans & roses,' want to help you push through those feelings of personal discomfort and focus on those friends and loved ones around us that need encouragement, love, and just a touch to know they aren't alone.  We have developed poetry and photography "Phoetry" to touch the lives of those dealing with their diagnosis or illness.  We make it easier for you to encourage and love your loved one, your friend, your family member through the rough times.  

We carry a unique product to help you touch the lives of those in need.  Let us help you to encourage and love your loved one, your friend, your family member through this time of healing. 

We carry a full assortment of products to touch your loved one's, including:
  • Cards
  • Poetry
  • Framed Gifts
  • Gift baskets of comfort
  • Photography and more

Jean Grensten:

Not long ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  It took a while for me to learn how to cope and, yes, how to hope.  My daily walks and talks with the Lord have a different focus.  My life was turned upside down and at a total standstill.  Being faced with cancer is like moving rock ~ a lot of hard work.  I asked God for help.  He reached out, my life to bless.

Rosalee Rupp:

I have always had an appreciation for God's creation.  I began taking photos in an attempt to capture the gifts He gave me in moments of His creation.  My heart's desire was to share those gifts and the Master's touch with others.  Not long ago, my dear friend was diagnosed with cancer.  God brought our hearts together in a way that we can now both share in His healing touch in a way that we both have hope.  He has truly blessed both our lives.  
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